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Centaured Sport is the home of Teazle the Advanced Dressage Simulator. She has the ability to coach riders not only the different skills needed to become the rider youd like to be, but also look at the biomechanical issues that hinder after injuries or timeout from riding. She's 100% safe so ideal for beginners or nervous riders to get the feel of riding before going onto the real thing. 

Start with the basics

Get the feel of a horse in walk, trot and canter, and learn the skills to improve your balance so you can feel more secure in the saddle.


Teazle can also reproduce the advanced dressage movements so the advanced riders can feel the biomechnical blocks that are blocking their progression.

Balance assessment test

Checking your balance and cores stability on the balance assessment screen is invaluable tool.


Firstly highlights whether you have an independant seat or a biomechanical issue.


Or is there a corilation between how you sit and an issue you're equine specialist has been dealing with.

Progressing with Teazle

Mulitipul Screens

Working on the different screens poses different problems these mimic how a riders ability change when we have the additional stimuli of such thing like enviroment. 



The Sensors

Leg, Seat and Rein sensors can be applied to teach the rider how to accurately influcence the horse so they can then produce advanced dressage moves. 



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