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2hr Group sessions on the simulator for 3,4,5 people



Bring a friend

the friend is 1/2 the price of a normal simulator session.

Meet the state of the art mechanical horse used for Hippotherapy and coaching.

Assessment Screen

The Rider Assessment 


For riders who are happy to walk trot and canter the video print out screen is idea for showing how you are presently riding.


On the top left of the screen the sensors show how evenly your weight is being distributed from left to right. 


On the bottom left of the screen the screen the sensors show whether you are tilting forwards or bacward.


The leg sensors on the top right of the screen pick up if your lower leg has a tendency to grip in at particular gait. A leg aid should be like ringing a doorbell, you press then release. If you don’t press nobody knows you are requiring a response. If you prolong the press, you will either get an irate angry response, or the bell will be turned off, so you get no response. Each of the 3 sensors gives a different signal to the horse, and what you require depends on how acuratly you can ask. Confusion comes when a horse doesnt understand what's being asked.


The rein sensors show what contact you have on the rein, it shows if you are holding them evenly, too tight, or to loose. A contact enables a rider to talk with the horse through the bit, a polite contact enables a rider to whisper.