Sue Watts reviewed Centaured Sport – 5 star

Really enjoyed my first lesson today - was aprehensive if I'm honest but was soon made to feel at ease and came away with a few "light bulb" moments wanting to get straight back on. Wish I lived closer but was well worth the 2 hour drive each way and plan to return sooner rather than later! You won't regret it! 


Diane Mott reviewed Centaured Sport – 5 star

Thank you Shoron Excellent session this evening very informative. I certainly have some things to work on and some ideas on moving forward. Will definately come again



Emily Walters reviewed Centaured Sport – 5 star

I really enjoyed my first session. Sharon was so patient with showing me how the issues with my seat have led to the results I'm getting from the horses I ride. I'm already seeing big improvements, and I think the horses are grateful I'm now riding properly again! Thank you, will definitely be back


Moira Richardson  5 starWhat a superb and interesting session I have just had on the dressage simulator mechanical horse - which, by the way, has the most fab temperament! I had suspected that part of the problem my horse was having with getting right canter lead, was in part due to me blocking it somehow. The analysis clearly showed that I was applying more pressure with my right leg than left. With Sharon's help, I was able to take time to think about my position and learn some new tactics/ideas to help me maintain correct alignment when my horse is doing its best to alter it to her way! Looking forward to trying it all out for real!! Thank you!

Liz Pears  5 starReally useful, and great advice given how to correct position imbalance, tension etc. Great fun too as a group, get yourselves there if you haven't been already.... We are already planning the next visit !

The first group to pass the Equine specific (QCF level 2) in first aid course with Medi-K. Kay the instructor is sat on the simulator. Dec 2014

Hi Sharon I tried to share the post from my wall Pete Daynes Equestrian but couldn't do it! Thanks for a great day out we all enjoyed it and came away having learnt plenty.
'Always willing to learn & try something new - today a visit to Centaured Sport Lincoln. In the company of some good friends/clients I was put through my paces, and was then able to observe them from a different perspective. Sharon was very welcoming & knowledgeable, involving me in some of the training of the others to further broaden my knowledge.
Would highly recommend to others to visit.'

Jane Atack 

5 starExceeded my expectations! Was able to pinpoint the issue restricting my flow in lateral work in the very first session and help me adjust the weight in my seat bones. Felt transformed. Looking forward to putting it into practice and developing the correct 'default' position and returning for further refinement. Will recommend to my clients and all those serious about improving their riding.


At the age of 27 my chronic back pain was diagnosed as the degenerative and incurable condition of Ankylosing Spondilitis. My specialist advised me that at this stage it could be managed best through improving my core strength, posture and flexibility.

I have recently added the mechanical horse to my exercise programme and after only a few sessions I’m already standing up straighter and have greater flexibility than I’ve had in a decade.

JCB age 43

I bought Jake as a schoolmaster for hacking out, he turned out to be a little more horse than I bargined for, he was also very strong in canter. It had got to the stage I was losing confidence. My biggest fear was cantering. In my head I'd built it up out of all proportion and decided I couldnt cope with the violent transition from trot to canter and that I didnt have the right technique to be abe to pull Jake up. A friend sugested having a go on the simulator, its the best thing I could have done. Just getting the feel of the canter in a safe enviourment and being able to concentrate on what I was feeling and learning to relax put my fears to rest. At the end of my first session I was laughing at how easy the movement was. Since then I have ridden a friend's horse, which is quieter than Jake and enjoyed cantering out on a hack. In spring when the lighter nights draw out I'm looking forwards to taking Jake out hacking with friends and being able to enjoy it.  Miss C Wilkinson

After being out of riding due to having a baby, getting back into riding and trying to find childcare can be difficult, However I'm able to take my little girl to the sessions with me and it's never any hassle. I'm also having coaching with my show pony and have seen a great improvment with my riding as well as my pony's responce to what I'm asking of him. Miss S Kerry Aged 19

Having purchased a 4 1/2yr TB mare back in 2012, I asked for some help in educating my mare and myself.  Sharon came to teach and help me with valuable lessons, from the basics through to jumping and dressage.  We spent a lot of time on taking things steady with Tatti as she was young.  In the mean time I also had help in regards to myself, in understanding why I did certain things e.g. dropping my left hand etc., how to relax myself and the horse.  Sharon helped me through all the ups and downs of training a young horse. When she started Centaured Sport, it was a fantastic, as I could ride and perfect my rider errors without having to worry about my youngster picking up my bad habits.  It helped me improve my seat, balance and also made me ride in a way I never realised I could.  All this has helped me with Tatti's education and we are now SJ, Dressage, Hunting and ODE's and we are going to hopefully affiliate at the end of this year.

Sharon/Centaured Sport have helped me so much,and still does, with everything.  I cannot thank her enough.

Mrs L Cain

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